Illustration Friday: "Secret"

If you are like me, and you've chosen a vegetarian lifestyle, people often ask you 'Why'?

Often, this question is shot with a note of derision in their voice and a smug smirk on their face even as you calmly explain your reasons for not wanting to stick the rotting flesh of another living creature into your gaping maw. After hearing about this decision, which for me often includes the point that I do not wish to cause harm to animals, these people will often trot out the 'genius' argument "But what about vegetables?? What if they have feelings?"

I tend to get sick of this idiocy, so I like to fire back with some idiocy of my own. Usually along the lines of explaining to them that there is a massive conspiracy amongst the vegetables of the world to take over and enslave the human race, "Especially the potatoes." I say "Potatoes are bastards!"

This week's Illustration Friday topic 'Secret', therefore prompted me to go back an visit an old illustration idea I had that revels this vegetable conspiracy. So I give you "Plotting Potatoes".

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