Sharing the luck and love of the Irish!

I'm going to start sharing some free images for all to use once in a while. I've been reading a lot lately about how copyright and the current trend by artists to limit the use and sharing of their work can really put a crimp on them building an audience and reaching out to people, so I figured I'm going to start being a bit more open with some of the things I create in the hope that people who like my stuff will share it with their friends and lead to more connections between my audience and my art.

Now, since today is St. Patrick's day, I thought I'd start with something to celebrate. It's a facebook profile cover image for you to use and share as you will. The image can be found on my facebook page and below so feel free to download it/copy it/share it as you see fit.

(To download this image simply right-click and choose 'save image as')

So, from now on, keep an eye out for free to use images here at the Lee Lee and the Bee blog, via my twitter, via my facebook page, and via my pinterest free images board.

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