Illustration Friday: Chicken

I haven't posted an Illustration Friday image for a while, but when I looked in to see what the theme was for this week, I was pleased to see that it was actually related to the design I am currently adding to 'Lee Lee and the Bee'. CHIIIICCCCKKKKEN!

Mine is a hipster chicken, cause as anyone who has read my blog previously knows, I find hipsters hilarious. I'm a bit mean and I kind of like making fun of them. It makes me happy. So thanks hipsters for that. I also apprently like turning animals into hipsters and vice versa (See 'So Hip' for proof).

Anyway, originally I did this design as an entry into the River Cottage 'Chicken Out' campaign t-shirt competition, but alas it didn't win...or even place. But blow me down me if Brian Blessed wasn't one of the judges! Brian Blessed!!! The man with the voice and his very own zoo. He probably looked at it. Probably only once...and probably not not for very long but it made me giggle to think of it anyway. (If you get a chance, you should totally check him out on youtube as Henry 8.0)

Anyway for your viewing pleasure, I give you 'Hip Chicken':


Like I said, I am working on getting this design up at 'Lee Lee and the Bee', in a slightly different format at the moment, but playing around with it to make this Illustration friday submission has made me want to change it a bit. Click here to see what is in store so far, or stop by in a few days to see what's new.


  1. I like this... very nice illustration!

  2. Ha ha ha I love this!!!!! His purple shades are terrific!



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