Updated Zombies on Segways design.

When I first opened Lee Lee and the Bee, one of the first designs I uploaded was 'Zombies on Segways', a very silly image that was based on a dream that I had a year or so earlier - one of those types of dreams that actually made me wake myself up laughing.

When I made the original image though, I was still quite new to designing using photoshop and was unaware of the importance that image resolution has on the final product. I was also unhappy with the layout of the characters, and always wanted to go back in and fix them up, but never found the time.

So finally, with a few extra hours up my sleeve here and there, I was able to go back in and basically recreate each of the characters anew. They have gotten a resolution boost and have been moved about a little to make them more of a vicious (yet goofy looking) mob.

So I present, the brand new updated 'Zombies on Segways':

Click on the image below to see the full range of 'Zombies on Segways 2.0' at Lee Lee and the Bee

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