Spooky Church - a halloween design

After creating the Cartoon Church wedding design the other day, a friend on the Lee Lee and the Bee facebook page suggested that I release a gothic version.

Well, my gothic version came out looking like the quintessential halloween design. I added bats and gravestones, and gave the church windows a creepy light. It ended up looking pretty groovy. Not bad for one little church design.

Again, this design was made to work with any choice of background colour, and the little gif on the left here gives you a rough idea about how changing the background colour can change the feel of the design. So if you have a particular colour theme you are working with for this years halloween festivities, this design is easily customizable to suit your needs. Changing the background colour on any design on zazzle is simply a matter of clicking the 'CUSTOMIZE IT' button on the product page and using the 'background' tool in the 'edit' dropdown menu.

Click the image below to see the full range of 'Spooky Church' products available at Lee Lee and the Bee.

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