Pirates and Ninjas - new at Lee Lee and the Bee

It was 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' on sunday. As is my want every year, I celebrated by 'gaarrrr'-ing and 'shiver-me-timbers'-ing at my husband for most of the day. I even had my black and white skull bandana on for a while. If only I had a cutlass, I could have done some swashbuckling.

Instead of swashbuckling, but with pirates still on the brain, I turned out this silly little pattern featuring a bloodthirsty pirate and, the pirates arch-nemisis, the sneaky but deadly ninja. Once more, I made the background colour customizable, so that one may choose the colour scheme that works for them. The little gif on the right here gives you a very rough idea of how the patten might look with a few different background colours. Changing the background colour on any design on zazzle is simply a matter of clicking the 'CUSTOMIZE IT' button on the product page and using the 'background' tool in the 'edit' dropdown menu.

Click on the image below to see the full range of 'Pirates and Ninjas' products available at 'Lee Lee and the Bee'

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