Illustration Friday - "Artificial"

Another design from the Lee Lee and the Bee nestegg today. "Rolley Wratchetbolt III" is a steampunk-esque robot I created in Photoshop one weekend. He was great fun to imagine, and of course being a robot is completely artificial.

His backstory:
Rolley Wratchetbolt III roams the streets to escort folk home should they need assistance. He is the 3rd of his make (the first 2 unfortunately exploded the moment they were wound-up by their inventor, Professor Douglas T. Ringleberry) and takes his job very seriously. Many an unlucky thug, who has tried to accost one of Rolley's charges, has discovered very quickly that he is not a steam-bot to be trifled with. The unfortunate louts are heard to tell tale of Rolley's catchprase: "And that, good sir, is how I roll."
Click the image below to see the complete range of "Rolley Wratchetbolt III" products at Lee Lee and the Bee.


  1. How cute. I love his light bulb. It reminds me of those fish that live at the bottom of the ocean who also have a little light on their head. :)

  2. Heheh I never thought of that! Maybe he's just trying to lure prey then? That cutsey look is just a ploy!

  3. Well imagined! The lighting is really great and the robot / character is ace!! Nice :)



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