Illustration Friday - "Satellite"

Ok, so here is how the thought process went for the latest Illustration Friday theme:

"A satellite is something that revolves around something a planet or a moon.....(whilst looking at Wow, some of these celebs think the world is their satellite....Why must they make that stupid duck face? ....Pfft and how orange do they want to be?......"

All of which lead me to this:

We all know one (or at least have one on our facebook friends list). An unnaturally orange person, who insists that in every photo they post they must make kissy lips (read: DUCKFACE) at the camera so that the rest of the world can see just how gorgeous they are. This is my little attempt at poking some fun...

No plans to make this available at Lee Lee and the Bee. But stay tuned, if I get requests for it they I might just upload some products.

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