Illustration Friday - "Paisley"

This weeks Illustration Friday topic, Paisley, promted me to go back to an early piece I created and try and work the theme to the image. Not too hard to do, but interesting to see the difference that a little pattern on a dress can make to an image.

The piece I chose to alter was 'Meerkat Birthday' - a sweet meerkat illustration I created a few months ago for 'Lee Lee and the Bee' at zazzle. The paisley effect gave her little outfit quite a regal touch I feel, and given her cheeky little grin, makes her seem like a naughty princess.

Click the image to be taken to my original 'Meerkat Birthday' range on Zazzle


  1. Oh, and she looks absolutely stunning in her paisley dress! I especially love the shadowy effect you've created around this piece, other than the dress, of course! :)

  2. Wow the dress is perfect and I love the background texture! very adorable Lee!~



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