"Meerkat Birthday": new at Lee Lee and the Bee

I was browsing through some old family photos the other day and came across a picture I took at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. My brother, neice, nephew and I took a day trip out there one day and had a grand old time saying hello to all the lovely creatures.

The picture was of one of the meerkats, standing as they do on it's hind legs and looking up at me with a quizical look on it's face. For some reason, as soon as I saw the photo again, I imagined the little thing wearing a party dress.

Dont ask me why, it's just the way my head works sometimes.

Click on the image below to see the full range of 'Meerkat Birthday' products at Lee Lee and the Bee.

A meerkat in a pretty pink and blue party dress and a red and yellow party hat, stands on a lawn smiling. Some red and blue party balloons lie a short distance away.

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