Illustration Friday - "Slither"

This weeks Illustration Friday topic, 'Slither', was a bit of an easy one for me, because I already had an image completed that would suit. Yay!

This one came about from a game that was suggested to me on a forum by my good friend, Boogybunny. The game involved dice and drawing silly monsters. I therefore loved it to smithereens.

The rules of this game can be found at the bottom of this post. If you do give it a shot, I would love to see the results via a link left in the comments :)

A few of the pieces generated from playing the game have actually ended up on sale at Lee Lee and the Bee, like "Goddess in the Forest" , "Honey, I'm Home" and "On Patrol" , but this one (actually my first attempt at utilising the game rules) has remained in my private collection.

So here is my entry for the topic 'Slither':

The Rules.

Apparently, this is taken from a post on the Something Awful forums, the author of which had in turn transcribed it from a role-playing book "Rifts World Book 8: Japan".

You will need a 100 sided dice (or 2 x 10 sided - one for the first digit and one for the second) or you can use this online set of roleplaying dice and clicking "roll" next to the purple d100 dice.

General Body Shape

01-20 Perfectly human
21-50 Broad, muscular human.
51-60 Skeletal human.
61-65 Lumpy blob like a snail.
66-70 Looks like a buddha (fat and bald)
71-80 Toad; large, round, fat and flabby with no neck.
81-90 Bird; barrel chested, broad upper body, narrow lower abdomen, short thick neck.
91-95 Humanoid but giant, 8 feet (2.4 m).
96-00 Fish; long body, complete with scales, fins and tail.

Head Shape

01-05 Wild Boar
06-15 Lion/cat
16-30 Human
31-40 Skeletal human with sunken features
41-45 Monkey
46-55 Large and round like a melon
56-60 Fish-like
61-65 Snake-like
66-70 Bird-like
71-80 Human but looks like a rotting skeleton
81-90 Neanderthal-like with a basic but larger, thicker human skull,
thick eyebrow ridges and square chin
91-95 Fox/canine-like
96-00 Rat-like

01-10 Normal human nose.
11-20 Bulbous nose three times larger than a normal human.
21-30 Pointed nose three times larger than a normal human.
31-50 Large, wide, flat nose like that of an ape, two times larger than a normal human.
51-60 Bird nose; can be shaped like a hawk or sparrow.
61-70 Animal snout, like that of a boar, hog or fox.
71-80 Tiny nose; can be any of the above types (choose or roll) but two times smaller than normal.
81-85 Snake nose; two small holes or slits above the mouth.
86-90 Rat nose.
91-00 No nose; not even an opening for one.


01-10 Large human eyes with a wild or crazed look to them.
11-20 Huge almond-shaped eyes that glow red like a fire or sparkling gold, yellow, amber, or orange.
21-40 Large round eyes that are white, pink, pale blue, green or clear like a crystal ball.
41-50 Small eyes that are an unnatural red, yellow, or black.
51-60 Snake eyes that sparkle gold or silver.
61-70 Bird eyes the look like jade.
71-80 Normal human eyes.
81-90 Roll again for eye shape (or pick one), but has four of them.
91-00 One large round eye that is a pale blue or violet.


01-10 Large toad-like mouth filled with large, flat teeth in a perfect
row; flabby lips.
11-20 Human mouth and crooked teeth.
21-30 Human mouth with fangs and sharp teeth.
31-40 Human mouth but twice as large as normal with large, pointed, crooked teeth.
41-50 Large monkey-like mouth filled with sharp teeth and large fangs.
51-60 Large toad mouth, no lips, just a long slit for a mouth filled with tiny, sharp teeth.
61-70 Canine-like mouth and short muzzle filled with canine teeth and fangs.
71-80 Large mouth with flabby, quivering lips, filled with large, flat,
crooked teeth.
81-90 Large mouth with flabby, quivering lips, with NO teeth.
91-00 Tiny slit for a mouth, half the size of a normal human; no lips,
tiny teeth and a thin snake's tongue.

Arms & Hands
01-20 Perfectly human. No claws.
21-30 A pair of large, oversized, muscular arms and a third,
smaller arm with two clawed fingers and a thumb.
31-45 Muscular human arms with clawed hands that have two fingers and a thumb.
46-56 Thin and gnarled arms, muscular but misshapen. The hands are skeletal with long clawed fingers.
57-67 Three-fingered claws (and a thumb) with muscular arms. Monkey- like in shape and length.
68-75 Squirrel or rat-like in shape and length, short and spindly with
small articulated hands and fingers.
76-85 Five arms of equal size and proportion.
86-95 Bird-like clawed hands and powerful arms.
96-00 Octopus-like tentacles instead of arms; twice as long as human arms.

Legs & Feet
01-15 Perfectly human. No claws.
16-25 Monkey-like in shape and length: short, stubby legs; walks in a waddling manner and lopes on all fours when running. Prehensile feet.
26-50 Classic oni: upper legs are powerfully built, lower legs a bit thin. Feet have two large, clawed toes.
51-60 Skeletal shaped legs with the classic two-toed, clawed feet.
61-70 Bird-like, spindly, stick legs and clawed bird feet.
71-80 Human feet with clawed toes.
81-90 Animal-like; hooves or like bear.
91-00 No feet or legs, snail-like trunk; slithers.

Other Features
01-07 Tail of a rat.
08-14 Skin is covered with tiny scales.
15-21 Pair of small horns.
22-28 Pair of large horns.
29-35 Large mane of hair, black, red, gold or green in color.
36-42 Bushy eyebrows and a scraggly beard.
43-49 Lumpy pink or white flesh.
50-56 Hairy body with tan or red skin.
57-64 No hair on the body; pale skin.
65-72 Boils or scabs cover the body.
73-80 Pot belly, but otherwise muscular.
81-87 Hunchback.
88-94 Tail of a lizard.
95-00 Covered in fur.

Skin Color
01-10 Brown or Tan
11-20 Reddish Brown
21-30 Light or Dark Red
31-40 Fiery Red
41-50 Light Green
51-60 Jade Green
61-70 Light Blue
71-80 Pale Grey
81-90 Stark White or Ivory
91-00 Mustard/Yellow Brown

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