"Equipment" - for Illustration Friday

I came across a great site for artists recently called Illustration Friday. It's a simple weekly illustration challenge, with a topic posted every friday. I really dig being given a challenge when it comes to creating something, and so thought I would dive in for this week's topic, "Equipment".

This piece took me about 35mins to create in Photoshop cs4, and of course, with a topic like 'Equipment' I took it to a vaguely steampunky place. Typical. *rolls eyes*

No plans yet to make this available via Lee Lee and the Bee, but may polish it up in the future. For now, here is "Equipment" in all it's sketchy glory.


  1. Nice work very quirky and interesting.

  2. An original piece of equipment! I wonder what it does...

    Welcome to Illustration Friday as well!

  3. Intriguing! It does make you wonder what it's for.

  4. Well done! This looks to me like a tweaked "monkey face-smacker"!



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