'Patchwork' range at Lee Lee and the Bee

This new range will hopefully appeal to the crafty soul. It depicts a simple collection of 'fat quarter' style fabric swatches (created in photoshop) stitched together roughly to create a patchwork effect. One can almost hear the call of  'Make Do and Mend' reverberating off it.

This range also incorporates some new products that I have been working on adding to the store, including  skateboard decks, letterheads, stationery, binders, flyers and rack cards.

Click on any of the product images below for a better view, or to make a purchase:

Patchwork, mousepad mousepad

Patchwork, mug mug Patchwork, print print Patchwork, skateboard skateboard Patchwork, sticker sticker Patchwork, stationery stationery Patchwork, travel mug mug Patchwork, invitation invitation Patchwork, button button Patchwork, square magnet magnet Patchwork, round magnet magnet Patchwork, bumper sticker bumpersticker Patchwork, keychain keychain Patchwork, pro keds hi top shoes kedsshoe Patchwork, pro keds lo rise shoes kedsshoe Patchwork, keds womens mini slip on shoes kedsshoe Patchwork, skinny invitation invitation Patchwork, binder binder Patchwork, keds kids lace up shoes kedsshoe Patchwork, keds kids slip on shoes kedsshoe Patchwork, letterhead letterhead Patchwork, flyer flyer Patchwork, rack card rackcard Patchwork, business card template profilecard Patchwork, kids apron apron Patchwork, hat hat Patchwork, shopping bag bag Patchwork, postcard postcard Patchwork, dark shirt shirt Patchwork, apron apron Patchwork, babies shirt Patchwork, greeting card card Patchwork, light shirt shirt

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