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Steampunk Wedding

It has probably become blindingly obvious to anyone that follows my ramblings and work, that I love all things steampunk. Recently, I was thinking about how much fun a steampunk wedding would be, and thought 'Where would a steampunk wedding be, without invitations?'

And so I got to work on the following design:

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Steampunk Wedding, invitation invitationSteampunk Wedding, invitation invitation

Steampunk Wedding, invitation postcard postcard Steampunk Wedding, invitation card card Steampunk Wedding, save the date postcard postcard Steampunk Wedding, save the date magnet magnet

Love Birds

Love Birds is a very simple design, ispired by a glance out the window one morning as the sun was rising. Two birds sit in a tree silouhetted against a beautiful morning sky, as one bird tweets his love to the other.

A perfect wedding range for nature lovers or bird lovers.

Love Birds, wedding invitation invitationLove Birds, wedding invitation invitation

Love Birds, wedding invitation postcard postcard Love Birds, wedding invitation card card Love Birds, save the date postcard postcard Love Birds, save the date magnet magnet

1 comment:

  1. Inspiring designs - love the steampunk stationery! (PS what goes zzzub zzzub? An eeb!)

    Just a thought... Do you know about the Zazzlit Google gadget? It allows you to display just the specials and featured items you want... more flexible than the Zazzle blog and flash panels.



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