"Bored" - something cute to pass the time

I was fixing up another blog the other day, and decided that it needed a new header, so I was sketched this little character, and decided she would be great on some products as well. I mean who doesn't get bored sometimes and just want to show it.

A bored looking redhead girl, her hair in pigtails, wears a purple and black striped long sleeve shirt and a pair of purple sungalsses. Her head rests in her hands as she sits and trys to think of something fun to do.

Click on any of the design images below for a better view or to make a purchase!

Bored, shopping bag bag Bored, mousepad mousepad Bored, kids apron apron Bored, travel mug mug Bored, mug mug Bored, postcard postcard Bored, greeting card card Bored, apron apron Bored, hat hat Bored, dark shirt shirt Bored, keychain keychain Bored, babies shirt Bored, light shirt shirt Bored, round magnet magnet Bored, sticker sticker Bored, button button Bored, square magnet magnet

A note about t-shirts and clothing

At Lee Lee and the Bee, you will usually only find my designs on a black shirt and a white shirt. This is so that you can see how they will look on dark and light apparel. Of course, thanks to the beauty of Zazzle, you can choose to have the design on any one of the huge variety of styles, colours and sizes available. The product page for the t-shirts and clothing items will have all the information you need to make a wise purchase. The choices are endless, so go right ahead and mix and match until you find just what you're looking for!

Background colours, text and images on ALL products are customiseable. Change any element of the design simply by clicking 'CUSTOMISE IT' on the product page!

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