'Antarctica' at LLatB

In January 1999, I used some inheritance money to travel to a place that had captured my heart as a child, and became a passion for me in adult life: Antarctica.

The journey was an amazing 3 week whirlwind adventure of ice, whales, penguins, the sea, serenity, solitude and of course photography. I think the final count of photographs I bought home was somewhere in the 600 range, and for many years now they have graced nothing but the inside of a photo album and a few frames on the walls of the various homes I have had between then and now.

Now, I have decided to add a selection of these photographs to products at 'Lee Lee and the Bee' for others with the same passion for the frozen south as myself.

As of writing this, the range and selection is still very new, and I am currently in the process of uploading more products, but below you will find a preview of the awesome and inspiring 'Antarctica' range.

If you like a product, dont forget to rate it using the stars in the top right corner of each product page and of course feel free to leave a comment if the mood so strikes!

Click on any of the design thumbnails below to see what is available in each range or to make a purchase.

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